My Journey

How it all started
When I was a kid in my home country -Spain-, my dream job for when I would grow older was... to draw comics!
A frustrated illustrator, only later in life I found photography to be my true passion and eventually bread-maker. Then one day I realized I could 'paint' with the camera, killing that itchy desire and that frustration from my early years, both with one stone.
My current state & mission
A professional commercial photographer for over a decade, I'm currently in a state of following that inner voice calling me into fine art photography.
I experiment with different techniques of motion to create paintings-look-alike pictures, from the more abstract concepts to the more traditional landscapes, and everything in between.

These PICTORIALS are the result of that journey.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them!
Photograph by Paul Pacey. All rights reserved.

Photograph by Paul Pacey. All rights reserved.

2017-04-25 | Prague Photo 2017
Prague Photo has become one of the most important photography festivals in the Czech Republic, hosting a vast array of individual photographers, galleries and institutions dealing with photography.
In the 2017 edition I was lucky enough to be invited by fellow photographer Antonio Cossa to share his space.
Exhibiting always produces on me a mixture of feelings, ranging from fear to failure ("Will people stop and look at my work?", "Will they like my proposal?") to the startling satisfaction when someone connects with your work, values it and enjoys it, all in front of your eyes. These shots were taken between September and October, and you can see how the greens slowly turn into yellows and browns.

2016-09/10 | Bohemian Forest
A round of photos showing the colors and textures of the Bohemian forest.
These shots were taken between September and October, and you can see how the greens slowly turn into yellows and browns.

2016-08-14 | Fine Art Nude contest
13 photographers. 1 model. 1 camera. 1 lens. 1 hour.
These were the conditions for this original contest. We photographers had only one hour to bring out the best of ourselves. Only one camera and one lens to be used. No assistant, no make-up, no stylist, no flashes, no Photoshop.
I was very happy to be invited to participate, given the extraordinary level of quality and talent among the photographers. And was even happier to win 3rd position :)
Many thanks to all photographers involved in the contest, to all the friends who showed up at the opening, to Lapetite Vicki for beautifully and professionally posing, and last but not least to Paul Pacey for putting it all together.
Here some of the photos I took during that hour:

2016-08 | Summer Bohemian forest
One of the things I admire about the Czechs is their love for nature and the outdoors.
I also love the fact that Czech Republic has the 4 season very well defined (spring, summer, autumn and winter) which lets us enjoy the colors and the textures of each season.
This approach to the Bohemian forest, during the first week of August, is a great example of what the Bohemian summer looks like.

2016-07 | Wild Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan, a relatively small country in Central Asia, is full of magnificient nature: 7500 meters high mountains, crystalline water lakes, and breath-taking landscape overall.

2016-03 | Cover Digital Camera magazine
Early 2016 I was approached by the Digital Camera magazine editor, who asked to license one of my pictorials for them to use as the cover of their upcoming Spring issue. Of course I was blown away!
I am very thankful for such an honor and opportunity.
The cover was used not only in the UK version but also in other several countries, as well as their Facebook Page and website.
They were also kind enough to send me a couple of paper copies that I still keep as treasures!

2015-11 | A walk around Prague
I took a walk around Prague, the city where I live, trying to capture the late autumn: the cloudy skies, the naked trees, and the empty streets.

2015-09 | Pictorials with the phone
These are some shots taken with the phone summer 2015 while in Spain, during one of our morning walks along the beach.
Sun was low, making the light so interesting for this kind of photography.

2015-08 | Austria's weekend getaway
To celebrate my birthday we did a small weekend getaway to Austria, near Salzburg.
Their world–renowned forests, mountains and lakes served as an inspiration for some of my best known photos.
Here some others shots, which didn't make into the main collection.

2015-01 | Goa sunsets
Fast forward a few years from Thailand....
While being on holidays in Goa, India, I took the camera and tried to play again with long exposure.
It felt good, and I felt I got some decent images, one of them is now in the 'permanent collection'. Can you see which one?

2012-01 | Thai dream
The start of it all!
While being on holidays in Thailand, I started to experiment with long exposure photography and how it could achieve the 'painting look' I had been looking for.
Few sample shots as testimony of those first experiments.
If you have any print inquiries, questions or comments, please contact me at :
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